We invite you to review some of the actual customer testimonials that we have received over the years from small to Fortune 500 companies in just about every industry including medical, automotive, telecommunications, energy and computer hardware regarding our contract electronics manufacturing services.

"Their personnel are very easy to deal with.  It is a pleasure to call there!" "I have not found anyone who can beat or even come near their pricing."
"Their ability is above and beyond and are excellent with on-time delivery." "The people we deal with and their flexibility working with us is what I like best about their company."
"Service and response are the best things about Technical Manufacturing Corporation." "I like the quick turnaround time, the quality of work and information on how to be more cost effective.
"The things that I like the best about TMC is their willingness and ability to react quickly to our ever changing requirements." "It's a pleasure to deal with a company that delivers as promised even though a short lead-time was involved."
"Their extensive CEM knowledge and experience has been very apparent in all of their telephone and email correspondence." "Thank you for going above and beyond the call - I appreciate the extra consideration."
"I have found an excellent assembly house... their quality is above and beyond, same as with pricing." "Your company is very, very responsive as compared to other companies that I've dealt with in the past."
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in building our boards up in a timely fashion." "The boards look great and we will be testing them very soon, ahead of schedule thanks to you and your crew."
"They always offer useful feedback and suggestions to improve our needs." "There is no problem that the staff at TMC is not able to resolve, even with very difficult technical situations."
"We here in Engineering appreciate your support and professionalism during the entire process. Kudos to your team for a job well done." "Everything looks and works great! Our inspector indicated that workmanship was excellent, and I concur."
"The ease of doing business with TMC makes you one of my best suppliers."