Our normal business hours (exclusive of holidays) are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).  For general questions or submittal of product specifications and documentation, we can be contacted at the following:

Personnel Contacts

Fred has over forty years of experience in the contract electronics manufacturing industry, when he first started his career at Picker in North Haven.  His education included a heavy emphasis on electronics and related engineering courses in both High School and Technical School.  He has since started and developed several successful businesses, including Protectron in Branford and Burton Electronics which is now TMC today.
Vice President
Fred Bonito


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David comes from a technology and business background with an education including a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business.  He has been active in the contract electronics manufacturing industry for over fifteen years.  David is in charge of all Sales and Marketing related activities which includes management of both inside and outside sales personnel, trade shows and direct mail campaigns.
Sales and Marketing
David Bonito


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Anthony has enjoyed a varied twenty-year consulting career that has spanned all functional levels over several major manufacturing organizations throughout the country. With a Master degree in Computer Science and Business Administration, Anthony is responsible for directing his manufacturing experience and expertise towards the successful realization of the Enterprise Excellence Initiative which focuses on the implementation of world class manufacturing processes throughout the company.
Director of Operations
Anthony W. Calabrese


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Debbie has been in the contract electronics manufacturing industry for over twenty-five years.  After High School where she focused on a business curriculum, Debbie began her career in 1980 working for a Connecticut based cable manufacturer that supplied custom cable assemblies to Digital Equipment Corporation.  She has been with the company since 1986 where she expanded her expertise to include printed circuit board assemblies.  She has broad experience in all functional areas including the Purchasing, Sales, Production and Accounting functions.
Debra Ranciato


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Harry has worked in the electronics industry for over thirty years and has spent the last five with the company.  With a degree in electronics along and a white-belt in lean manufacturing, he sits on the Engineering Review Board where he specializes in process control and development. He is also in charge of all facility preventive maintenance and equipment calibration requirements. Harry is certified in several ANSI/IPC specifications surrounding electronic assemblies including soldering and related processes.
Harry Morrow


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