Our printed circuit board population and interconnecting wire & cable harness assembly expertise comes together through our ability to provide complete system integration for full service contract electronics manufacturing that you would expect from a true manufacturing partner.

We can populate all printed circuit boards, terminate all interconnecting wires, build all cable harnesses required and assemble them together to any level of completion including programming, testing, calibration and burn-in. Our trained and certified staff of electronics technicians, supported by a comprehensive range of electrical test equipment including digital multi-meters, power supplies, oscilloscopes and function generators, can electrically and functionally test completed systems in accordance with any industry requirement or customer specification including:

  • System integration to any level of completion
  • Complete in-circuit electrical and functional testing
  • EPROM programming, calibration and burn-in
  • Plastic injection molded housings and accessories
  • Milled and formed sheet metal enclosures
  • Ultrasonic welding and heat staking capabilities
  • Custom labeling, marking and powder coating
  • Potting and encapsulation into enclosures
  • Product packaging for shipping & distribution
  • Ship to stock or drop ship directly to end user

To make it even easier to streamline your supply chain, we have the logistical expertise necessary to fully package and distribute your finished product for ship-to-stock delivery to your warehouses or drop-ship it directly to the end-user located next door or around the world.