A strong Purchasing Department is the cornerstone of any successful manufacturing operation. Establishing a  staff of technically competent professional personnel who understand the importance of solid relationships with reliable suppliers is critical to the successful manufacture and delivery of product at a competitive cost to the customer. The current average quarterly performance of the supply chain is summarized as follows:

Q3-2013 99.00% 99.00%

Our purchasing philosophy is to maintain strategic partnerships with suppliers from around the world that understand the importance of responsiveness and flexibility in the purchasing process. The maintenance of such supplier partnerships ensures that we have priority access to a constant supply of common and hard-to-find parts and components for turnkey projects at competitive costs. This strategy helps to minimize material lead times that are generally expected with high-demand and backlogged parts and components which can subsequently delay product manufacture and availability to the market. The quality and on-time delivery (OTD) rolling-window performance trend of our supply chain is summarized as follows:

JAN-2011 100.00% >99.00%
FEB-2011 100.00% >99.00%
MAR-2011 98.55% >99.00%
APR-2011 98.28% >99.00%
MAY-2011 97.50% >99.00%
JUN-2011 94.63% >99.00%
JUL-2011 98.19% >99.00%
AUG-2011 99.96% >99.00%
SEP-2011 100.00% >99.00%
OCT-2011 99.96% >99.00%
NOV-2011 100.00% >99.00%
DEC-2011 96.48% >99.00%
JAN-2012 100.00% >99.00%
FEB-2012 97.20% >99.00%
MAR-2012 100.00% >99.00%
APR-2012 100.00% >99.00%
MAY-2012 100.00% >99.00%
JUN-2012 97.90% >99.00%
JUL-2012 97.20% >99.00%
AUG-2012 100.00% >99.00%
SEP-2012 100.00% >99.00%
OCT-2012 100.00% >99.00%
NOV-2012 99.99% >99.00%
DEC-2012 100.00% >99.00%
JAN-2013 100.00% >99.00%
FEB-2013 100.00% >99.00%
MAR-2013 100.00% >99.00%
APR-2013 100.00% >99.00%
MAY-2013 100.00% >99.00%
JUN-2013 100.00% >99.00%
JUL-2013 97.00% >99.00%
AUG-2013 100.00% >99.00%
SEP-2013 100.00% >99.00%

Our strategic business relationships with our suppliers allows us to procure materials in a Just-in-Time capacity which gives us the ability to receive materials at our factory only when they are needed  thereby avoiding holding costs associated with material stocking and inventory. We can also realize cost effective material procurement through effective computerized material requirement  planning systems whereby we can purchasing of identical materials for use on several projects concurrently which can lower material costs by combining material requirements to achieve volume price breaks. We would be happy to supply you with manufacturer data sheets and part samples or arrange for no-cost prototype printed circuit board, interconnecting wire or cable harness assembly samples upon request.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation is a proud member of Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP), which is a cooperative partnership between the government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources resulting primarily from exposure to counterfeit parts and components through the sharing of essential technical information.