In keeping with our commitment of providing the highest quality electronic assemblies with on time delivery at cost effective prices to our customers, we are asking for your honest feedback on the quality, delivery and pricing of our services.  Please complete each question in this survey.  Your completed survey will be reviewed by company management who will respond back to you within 24 hours of submission.

The estimated time to fully complete this feedback form is approximately 5 minutes.

1.   What is your responsibility or role in your company?


2.   How would you rate the QUALITY of our services?


3.   How would you rate the DELIVERY of our services?


4.   How would you rate the PRICES of our services?


5.   What is most important criteria to you when selecting a contract electronics manufacturer?


6.   How would you rate us compared to other contract electronics manufacturers?


7.   How would you rate the technical capabilities of our personnel?


8.   How would you rate the customer service as received from our personnel?


9.   What additional services or technologies do you either need now or expect to need in the future that we do not currently supply?


10.   What do you like the BEST about our company?


11.   What do you like the LEAST about our company?


12.   Any additional comments for complaints, praises or suggestions?


13.   How can we get in touch with you (OPTIONAL)?